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The Black Moon

With this Black Moon falling within the sign of Aries this is the time to embark on your goals of leadership, strength, power, and intent. It’s the time to pass away and detach yourself from things that have been holding you back, thoughts and habits that keep you distracted, and cut those bonds that have kept you from stepping forward and meeting your true strength and potential.

This is the last black moon in 2014, so it’s now or never!

Take advantage of this Black Moon for your divination, for your setting your feet on the path you should be, for getting your mind clear of things that clutter and distract from your goal.  Get in touch with the changing aspect of the Goddess, of the strength of will to enable that change, and move ever forward on your path.

The power of this moon is extraordinary for Crone energies and all aspects of change. Take advantage of it.  Delve deeply into it, immerse yourself within and without in the energy of this moon and take it with you into the rest of this Turning of the Wheel.

You won’t have another chance at a Black Moon until October 2016!