Hello There!

Again, Welcome to the new site.

I have to admit I had some trepidation about branding myself and starting the whole social media aspect of marketing that has become so essential in today’s global markets.

I fully admit I started writing due to the encouragement of friends, the challenge of sharing knowledge in an understandable format, and in the end, because I feel I have something of value to share and pass on to the next generation of witches and practitioners.

I’ve been a Celtic Witch since I was a teenager and I wouldn’t change a thing! 30 years later I’m still happy on my path, centered in my soul, and secure in the power and ability to create that has been a part of me long enough that it’s as natural as breathing to connect with the energies of the Goddesses and Gods and create my world as I want it to be.

In all of these years I’ve come to acknowledge many things about myself, my fire sign should have come with a warning label, patience is indeed a learned trait and not a virtue that’s inherent, and the world around me is a reflection of me. If I see a trait I don’t like, I start to change it by not looking at the person who revealed it, but I turn to the mirror and find it in myself…and change it there first!

It’s all about accountability, truly being gentle of heart, strong of will, and sharp of mind and wit. All the rest falls into place when you can hold these principles together. When you reach that, the magic flows, the power grows, and the creation of your universe is unstoppable.

Blessed Be my friends – and enjoy the new site as it takes shape and grows.