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Energy Working

I’ve come across so many questions around energy and working spells, readings, healing, and other magickal works that I feel it’s time to share some tips and tricks so you aren’t completely exhausted for days afterward.

During the old days a Priestess would be given 3 days of rest following a Sabbat ritual, healers often were able to take time to rest and be taken care of by their apprentices after a difficult healing, and what we coin as “Self Care” was part of the daily routine then. Not so today. So how do we avoid that exhaustion from the continuing Workings that modern Priestesses and Clergy are constantly performing?

Easy! Connect with an energy source that’s not your own personal well! When you set out for the day, whether a psychic fair with back to back readings, healing spells and rituals for those that work in Chaplaincy, or massage therapists, or just your average everyday Workings for yourself, friends, and family; connect with the energy of the Universe instead of relying on your own personal well of energy.

The Universe has plenty of energy for every magick worker out there, no matter the type of magicks they are performing, that energy is limitless and infinite. This is how some practitioners can be out and about doing all kinds of magicks all day long and still have the energy to have dinner, take care of family, and all of those other magickally mundane tasks we all have in our modern world. So connect to that instead of relying all on your own. No magickal practitioner is an island – shatter that illusion of separation, connect with the infinite, and find out exactly how powerful you truly can be!