Moon Magic

The phase of the moon often has a direct effect on the magics and spells you are attempting to perform. It’s with this in mind that Witches have a true need to plan their magical workings and schedule them for the most auspicious time of the lunar phases in which to perform them. With this in mind, we look to the phases of the moon and spend time reflecting on the true purpose of our spells, the underlying issues we’re resolving, and the main goal or outcome we are working our magic to accomplish.

The New Moon/Waning Moon is a great time for banishing, divination, binding, and other spells meant to rid us or others of something in our lives that is damaging. If you’re looking to lose a bad habit, or lose weight, or cut ties with a harmful friend, or just be rid of an annoyance, this is the time! Pull out your spell and be mindful of your intent as you cast – but the New Moon is your willing ally in these endeavors during this phase.

The Full Moon/Waxing Moon as the moon grows so too do we want to encourage things to come to us, an increase in metabolism, health, wealth, love, wisdom, stamina, whatever growth or increase we are casting our magics for, this is the phase for that work. The Full Moon in particular is also good for cementing relationships, reinforcing our goals, and beginning new projects or tasks.

Wherever your magic takes you, be mindful of your intent, keep your guides and guardians close, your familiars closer, and whatever you do, be prepared for the consequences of the magical choices you make.

Happy Casting!


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